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Stream your music library from Jellyfin to your iOS devices with ease, for free

Latest release: v0.7.0 (Jul 2, 2024)
Download on the App Store Requires iOS 17 or later
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Download music for offline playback when you don't have a reliable connection or to save on your data plan.

Siri support

Play artists, playlists, albums and tracks with your voice, just by asking Siri.


Control playback in the car with our native CarPlay interface so you don't have to fiddle with a phone while driving.

Gain Normalization

Maintain consistent audio levels across your music library for a seamless listening experience.


Manet is built using native iOS technologies, allowing us to deeply integrate with the system.


Purpose built for iOS, Manet fits nicely on the platform by feeling part of the platform and using patterns you're already familiar with.


Can't remember all the words to a song? No worries! With built-in lyrics support, you can easily sing along to your favorite tracks.


Integrate with Shortcuts to start playback as part of a larger automation.

Get even more with Manet+

Custom app icons

Unlock two alternative app icons to make it look even better on your lock screen.

Toggle music libraries

Got a separate library for christmas music? Toggle it off during summer and don't get christmas music while shuffling music at the beach.


Fine-tune your audio with a 6-band equalizer for personalized sound adjustment.

Ignore single tracks

Got a great album, but have some tracks that you always skip on? Mark it as ignored to automatically skip them when playing your music library.

Support indie development

Building and maintaining software takes hard work and time. Help fund development to make sure Manet can keep improving over the long-term.

Manet+ is an optional subscription and the app works great even without it.