App icon for the Manet app.


This version is mostly focused on performance improvements and bug fixing to help make sure Manet keep running smoothly. I also managed to get some small improvements in as well, enjoy!

  • You can now go to the album or artist directly from the Now Playing sheet

  • Siri will now get more information when playing music, making it possible to say phrases like “Play the first album with Veronica Maggio”

  • Updated the design of the Playlist and Album views - this is mostly related to performance but it also improves readability of the text that previously was on top of the cover image

  • There are now swipe actions on tracks to play next/later and download to device

  • Added alerts to confirm certain actions (adding to playlist, play next/later, favorite)

  • Now when playback ends, it’ll reset to the beginning of the queue allowing you to quickly play it again

Performance and bugs:

  • Fixed slow performance when pausing/playing quickly in the Now Playing sheet
  • Fixed stutter when scrolling long lists of tracks in albums and playlists
  • Fixed stutter when running large syncs in the background
  • Fixed the “Up next” section being awkwardly placed in the corner on the Now Playing sheet
  • (Hopefully) fixed the issue where the playback controls on the lock screen wasn’t in sync with the playback