App icon for the Manet app.


NOTE: Manet+ is an optional subscription for unlocking non-essential features inside the app. Everything that currently is available for free, will continue to be so.

Manet+ is a subscription that (for now) unlocks two custom app icons that you can change while also helping support the future development of the app. Manet+ also replaces the old “Support development” tip, offering something tangible in return for your support, which I believe enhances the overall experience for everyone.

We want Manet to remain a fantastic app for all Jellyfin music enthusiasts, whether you choose to subscribe to Manet+ or not.

Building high-quality software takes hard work, and to ensure the continued development and improvement of Manet, your support is greatly appreciated. However, please remember that Manet+ is entirely optional, and if you don’t have the means (or interest) to subscribe, you should feel free to continue without it.

I want to reemphasize that everything you enjoy in Manet today will stay free. However, in the future, there might be some exclusive features for Manet+ subscribers. Rest assured, all the essential stuff will remain free for everyone to enjoy.

Other than that, this release also includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • You can now view and play/shuffle your music by genre
  • Add links to email support directly from Settings
  • Fix a crash when opening large playlists in CarPlay (thanks Chaos!)
  • Fix signing out not showing the login screen (thanks datorpunk!)
  • Fix the Now playing sheet being automatically dismissed after opening it on the Library view
  • Fix swipe actions not working on the Songs view

Big thanks to everyone who’ve reported bugs to help make Manet even better!