App icon for the Manet app.


Jellyfin 10.9 is right around the corner and Manet is ready to make use of the new features and improvements that comes with it!

Manet v0.6 introduces support for displaying lyrics (when present in Jellyfin) so you can easily sing along to your favorite tracks.

We also improved the “Maximum” streaming setting so that it will stream your content in FLAC when the source music is also in FLAC, improving the music quality when possible.

  • Add Quick Connect to sign in to your server even faster
  • Add “What is Jellyfin?” text to the sign-in page
  • Redesigned the Now Playing view to take up the entire screen
  • Add support for viewing lyrics when available (requires Jellyfin 10.9+)
  • Fallback to the album artist name rather than “Untitled artist” when finding a synced artist with a matching name
  • Stream in FLAC and mp3 when the source uses those formats and streaming quality is set to “Maximum” (requires Jellyfin 10.9+)
  • Adds a “Shuffle” button toggle to the Now Playing view
  • Fix the order of tracks in playlists
  • Fix deleted playlists still being visible after sync
  • Fix bug that allowed users to access Manet+ features without being subscribed
  • Show Jellyfin version in Settings
  • Reload the cached album art when it has changed
  • Report to Jellyfin as iPhone rather than iOS (seems to be the standard for Jellyfin clients)

Thank you all for using Manet!