App icon for the Manet app.


Manet v0.6.1 is a small update, primarily focusing on backend enhancements and setting the stage for future updates.

  • Move the “Ignore track” feature to Manet+. This feature, not available in Jellyfin, is now exclusive to Manet+ to ensure Manet remains excellent for all users while providing extra value to subscribers.
  • Present the Now Playing view after starting playback in CarPlay
  • Fix a bug when toggling shuffle mode not updating properly
  • You can now sort tracks by play count
  • Fix the “Download” button on playlists always showing as downloaded even when it wasn’t
  • Add startup images for a nicer app launch
  • Move Manet+ settings into its own sheet
  • Add a sheet for adding tracks to playlists, making it harder to accidentally add to the wrong one
  • Add a “Download logs” button in Settings
  • Add a button to view sync errors in Settings

Thank you all for using Manet!