App icon for the Manet app.


For the past few months I’ve been hard at work improving the core part of the app - the audio playback engine. This work has been tedious and tricky, but hopefully, these changes are not anything you’ll notice.

All of this hard work has unlocked two new features for Manet - gain normalization and a custom 6-band equalizer!

The gain normalization feature (added in Jellyfin v10.9) allows us to level out the music as it’s playing so that when moving between tracks the loudness of each track will be about the same. No more having to turn the volume up and down between loud and quiet songs.

Hopefully this release does not bring too much trouble for ya’ll, but if you do run into any issues, feel free to shoot me an email.

Here’s a summary of all changes in this version:

  • Added support for gain normalization (requires Jellyfin v10.9+)
  • Added a 6-band equalizer (requires Manet+)
  • Added a link to read the Manet release notes from Settings
  • Added confirm step when adding track to playlist (so you don’t accidentally add to the wrong one)
  • Added “Export logs” options in Settings to help with debugging issues
  • Added a detail view for tracks to show basic information
  • Added swipe action to delete tracks from the playback queue
  • Added more details about what’s happening during the initial sync after signing in
  • Updated the design of the Settings page
  • Fixed sorting albums by release date
  • Fixed crash when trying to remove a track from a playlist
  • Fixed the track number being hidden when using dynamic type

Thanks for using Manet, and have a lovely day!


Manet v0.6.1 is a small update, primarily focusing on backend enhancements and setting the stage for future updates.

  • Move the “Ignore track” feature to Manet+. This feature, not available in Jellyfin, is now exclusive to Manet+ to ensure Manet remains excellent for all users while providing extra value to subscribers.
  • Present the Now Playing view after starting playback in CarPlay
  • Fix a bug when toggling shuffle mode not updating properly
  • You can now sort tracks by play count
  • Fix the “Download” button on playlists always showing as downloaded even when it wasn’t
  • Add startup images for a nicer app launch
  • Move Manet+ settings into its own sheet
  • Add a sheet for adding tracks to playlists, making it harder to accidentally add to the wrong one
  • Add a “Download logs” button in Settings
  • Add a button to view sync errors in Settings

Thank you all for using Manet!


Jellyfin 10.9 is right around the corner and Manet is ready to make use of the new features and improvements that comes with it!

Manet v0.6 introduces support for displaying lyrics (when present in Jellyfin) so you can easily sing along to your favorite tracks.

We also improved the “Maximum” streaming setting so that it will stream your content in FLAC when the source music is also in FLAC, improving the music quality when possible.

  • Add Quick Connect to sign in to your server even faster
  • Add “What is Jellyfin?” text to the sign-in page
  • Redesigned the Now Playing view to take up the entire screen
  • Add support for viewing lyrics when available (requires Jellyfin 10.9+)
  • Fallback to the album artist name rather than “Untitled artist” when finding a synced artist with a matching name
  • Stream in FLAC and mp3 when the source uses those formats and streaming quality is set to “Maximum” (requires Jellyfin 10.9+)
  • Adds a “Shuffle” button toggle to the Now Playing view
  • Fix the order of tracks in playlists
  • Fix deleted playlists still being visible after sync
  • Fix bug that allowed users to access Manet+ features without being subscribed
  • Show Jellyfin version in Settings
  • Reload the cached album art when it has changed
  • Report to Jellyfin as iPhone rather than iOS (seems to be the standard for Jellyfin clients)

Thank you all for using Manet!


  • Change icon for shuffling random album on the Home view
  • Fix a crash when listing certain tracks


  • Fixes the “Shuffle downloads” button under “Quick play” to be disabled when it shouldn’t
  • Fixes the Artists view not listing all artists
  • Fix crashes when syncing your Jellyfin library
  • Fix the total duration summary on albums > 1 hour
  • Improved performance when searching your library
  • Fix some albums getting “Untitled artist” although an artist already exists in the library
  • You can now toggle wheter or not to sync on startup in the Settings app


  • Fixes the “Shuffle downloads” button under “Quick play” to be disabled when it shouldn’t
  • Fixes the Artists view not listing all artists


  • You can now toogle certain libraries off to hide them when using the app (requires Manet+)
  • You can ignore tracks that you usually skip so you don’t have to get them queued
  • Multi-disc albums are now better organized with disc sections
  • A sync indicator now appears in the toolbar while syncing your libraries
  • Improved Home screen featuring “Recent albums,” “Recent playlists,” and “Random album” sections
  • Total album and playlist lengths are now displayed after the track list
  • Use cache for showing album images in CarPlay and on the lock screen
  • Fixed color actions in the Shortcuts app


  • Fix some albums having “Untitled artist”
  • Add menu when tapping song title to go to Album/Artist in the Now Playing view
  • Fix Now Playing view not updating when the current track ends


NOTE: Manet+ is an optional subscription for unlocking non-essential features inside the app. Everything that currently is available for free, will continue to be so.

Manet+ is a subscription that (for now) unlocks two custom app icons that you can change while also helping support the future development of the app. Manet+ also replaces the old “Support development” tip, offering something tangible in return for your support, which I believe enhances the overall experience for everyone.

We want Manet to remain a fantastic app for all Jellyfin music enthusiasts, whether you choose to subscribe to Manet+ or not.

Building high-quality software takes hard work, and to ensure the continued development and improvement of Manet, your support is greatly appreciated. However, please remember that Manet+ is entirely optional, and if you don’t have the means (or interest) to subscribe, you should feel free to continue without it.

I want to reemphasize that everything you enjoy in Manet today will stay free. However, in the future, there might be some exclusive features for Manet+ subscribers. Rest assured, all the essential stuff will remain free for everyone to enjoy.

Other than that, this release also includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • You can now view and play/shuffle your music by genre
  • Add links to email support directly from Settings
  • Fix a crash when opening large playlists in CarPlay (thanks Chaos!)
  • Fix signing out not showing the login screen (thanks datorpunk!)
  • Fix the Now playing sheet being automatically dismissed after opening it on the Library view
  • Fix swipe actions not working on the Songs view

Big thanks to everyone who’ve reported bugs to help make Manet even better!


This release has some good news for people with large libraries.

  • Fix updating sync state in Settings and show what is currently syncing
  • Limit concurrency when fetching many tracks from the server. This will help syncs not completing due to requests timing out.
  • Performance improvements when listing large albums/playlists

As well as some other small changes.

  • View playlists as a list instead of a grid
  • Add toggle to disable sync on startup
  • Add swipe action to remove tracks from playlists
  • You can now ask Siri to add a track to a playlist or add it as a favorite
  • Resume playback after system interruptions
  • Reset repeat when playing something else


Small, quick update!

  • Add repeat toggle to the Now Playing sheet to listen to the same playlist/album/song over and over and over again
  • Add colors to the Manet section in Shortcuts
  • Add a new style when AirPlay is active in the Now Playing sheet
  • Fixed a crash when getting an invalid track duration for some tracks


This version is mostly focused on performance improvements and bug fixing to help make sure Manet keep running smoothly. I also managed to get some small improvements in as well, enjoy!

  • You can now go to the album or artist directly from the Now Playing sheet

  • Siri will now get more information when playing music, making it possible to say phrases like “Play the first album with Veronica Maggio”

  • Updated the design of the Playlist and Album views - this is mostly related to performance but it also improves readability of the text that previously was on top of the cover image

  • There are now swipe actions on tracks to play next/later and download to device

  • Added alerts to confirm certain actions (adding to playlist, play next/later, favorite)

  • Now when playback ends, it’ll reset to the beginning of the queue allowing you to quickly play it again

Performance and bugs:

  • Fixed slow performance when pausing/playing quickly in the Now Playing sheet
  • Fixed stutter when scrolling long lists of tracks in albums and playlists
  • Fixed stutter when running large syncs in the background
  • Fixed the “Up next” section being awkwardly placed in the corner on the Now Playing sheet
  • (Hopefully) fixed the issue where the playback controls on the lock screen wasn’t in sync with the playback


Hey Siri!

Manet now has inital support for Siri. Since there are lots of way of asking to play track, initial support is limited but still useful. This will be improved over time to support more requests.

  • Play artists, albums, tracks and playlists by asking Siri
  • Redesigned the Recently played section on the Home tab
  • Recently played now includes when playing from Downloads or Favorites, making them faster to reach if you use them frequently
  • Improved performance of the app while running syncs of large libraries
  • Cleaned up the Settings sheet and moved things around
  • Add sort order menu to the Favorites and Downloads lists
  • Adds support for jumping to the root tab by tapping the active tab
  • Adds a link to leave a review on the App Store (it really helps!)


  • Enjoy your Jellyfin music library from the comfort of your car with CarPlay
  • Fix an issue where the app hangs when trying to shuffle entire library or large playlists


  • Gapless playback comes to Manet! Enjoy an uninterrupted music experience with seamless transitions between tracks
  • Fixes crashes on the Home view
  • Fix favorite not showing correct when track changes in the Now playing view


  • New “Now playing” bar that floats above it all
  • Adds new “Quick play” options on the Home screen to make it easier to start playing music
  • Manet now has App Shortcuts for the new “Quick play” options that you can invoke from Spotlight, with Siri or even inside your own Shortcuts!


  • Fixes a crash when starting the app when there is invalid playback history
  • Sends over progress status to Jellyfin while playing tracks


Improve resilience when syncing the Jellyfin library onto the device


Songs view

  • Explore your entire music collection with the new Songs view. Easily play or shuffle all tracks in your music collection.

Lock Screen Support

  • Now you can mark or unmark tracks as favorites right from the lock screen without unlocking your device.


  • Quickly navigate to the album artist by tapping their name on the album cover
  • Cache album covers to give a smoother experience while navigating the app
  • Added sorting options to the Albums and Songs views
  • Add play and shuffle buttons to the Artist view


  • Fixes an issue when syncing on devices using 12h clocks


  • Fixes a issue with syncing the library when having non-tracks in playlists.


Initial release